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East-West Soul-centered Counseling & Life Coaching  
Counseling sessions are offered online in one-hour segments and cost $89, and

presently enrolled students and those with limited incomes can purchase individual sessions for $60. Clients are encouraged to participate on a weekly basis and ideally
for a period of at least three to six months in order to facilitate optimum growth and
to foster an expanded awareness of one's inner processes (please see the Counseling section of this site for a comprehensive description of this dynamic approach to personal discovery and transformation). Weekly email check-ins are included as well
as suggestions for between-session experiential tasks and developmental activities. Individual one-hour meetings can be purchased in session packages that provide notable discounts, and these options include the following: 1) a one-month package
(4 sessions) is $325; 2) a two-month package (8 sessions) is $600; and 3) a three-month package (12 sessions) costs $750. A free thirty-minute initial consultation is available, and this and regular session reservations can be arranged by contacting Dr. Davis at
the institute's email address: / or this link: contact
For individual or multi-session purchases, please click on one of the below options: 

The Sacred Image: Jungian Depth Psychology, Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, and
the Healing and Transformative Power of Archetypal Imagery

This ten-week online course begins on Saturday, March 16th and continues for ten consecutive Saturdays, concluding on May 18th. Live sessions will take place at the beginning and end of the course, which will provide plenty of opportunity for lively discussion and feedback. The first and last lectures start at 10:00 in the morning Pacific Time (USA) and at 7 pm (19:00) Central European Time, and the other sessions (lectures 2 - 9) are prerecorded, so they can be viewed at any time after being sent out on each Saturday. The lectures typically last about 90 minutes, and all reading materials and video presentations from the two disciplines are included in the course fee of $249. Please see the Courses section of this website for an overview of the weekly class content, learning objectives, a selected bibliography, and an extensive collection
of visuals from each tradition. For more information, please contact Dr. Davis at the institute's email address: / or this link: contact

For registration and to purchase the course, please click on this link:  

Introduction to Jungian Psychology / Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism 
Each of these five-week introductory courses is presented separately, but each disci-pline is complemented by the inclusion of two lectures that provide a comparative overview of the sometimes striking similarities that exist between these two dynamic traditions, with emphasis on their creative and contemplative usages of archetypal imagery and sacred symbols to elicit psycho-spiritual transformation. Please see the Courses section of this website for the weekly content pertaining to each discipline.
For Tibetan Buddhism, the five-week package includes sessions 2 - 4 and 8 - 9; the course in Jungian psychology includes sessions 5 - 9. 
The lectures are prerecorded and last between one hour and 90 minutes, so they can be viewed at any time. The cost for each of these courses is $149, and please specify your choice - Jungian Psychology or Tibetan Buddhism - when you register for a course below. A syllabus will be provided 
at the time of registration, and email correspondences between the instructor and students are readily available. For additional information, please contact Dr. Davis through the institute's email at: / or this link: contact

For registration and to purchase a course, please use the following link:  

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