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                                       Judson Davis, PhD, is a depth psychologist, university educator, author,  
                                       filmmaker, and world traveler. He holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in 
                                       East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, 
                                       which included coursework and certification in Spiritual Counseling.   
                                       He also holds a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica
                                       Graduate Institute (with emphasis in Depth Psychology), and worked in                                               a variety of therapeutic settings before establishing his online private  
specializing in spiritual guidance and life coaching. In addition,                                             he has taught on the university, college, and corporate levels in California, Germany, Japan, and South Korea, and is presently teaching a comparative study of Jungian depth psychology and Tibetan Buddhist Tantra (please see the Courses section of this website).    He has also written, produced, and directed documentary films, and has presented his work in     a wide array of public venues. He is the author, most recently, of "Shinto and the Sacred: An Analysis of Its God-images through the Holotropic Paradigm, Jungian Archetypes, and the Imago Dei of Contemporary Psychotherapy", which will be published later this year by Routledge in the anthology Spiritual Consciousness as Evolutionary Learning: Exploring Myth, Metaphor, and Magic for Sustainability. Additional articles include "Alchemy and Transformation, East and West:
A Cross-cultural Analysis of Jungian Psychology and Tibetan Tantra" (2023, presently under publication review); "Active Imagination in Psychotherapy" and "The Earth Goddess", which appear in the Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion (2019, Springer); "The Primordial Mandalas of East and West: Jungian and Tibetan Buddhist Approaches to Healing and Transformation" (2016, NeuroQuantology14(2), 242-254); his book The Sacred Image: C. G. Jung and the Western Embrace  of Tibetan Buddhism (2015, Anchor); and "C. G. Jung, Tibetan Tantra, and the Great Goddess: An Exploration of Sacred Entities and Archetypes",​ which appears in the anthology Daimonic Imagination: Uncanny Intelligence​ (2013, Cambridge Scholars, pp. 292-309).  He has reviewed and edited article submissions for international journals in the field of psychology and conscious studies, and has written book reviews for the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association, for which he previously served on the board of directors. These publications and other works can be accessed in the Research Articles section of this website.

      Dr. Davis is presently writing a book that explores the developmental trajectory of humanity and concurrent social and ecological crises at this most crucial time in world history, which integrates aspects of Jungian depth psychology and contemporary transpersonal studies (especially the work of Stanislav Grof and Christopher Bache) with the revolutionary discoveries and paradigm shifting developments occurring in quantum physics and archetypal astrology. Additionally, Dr. Davis remains actively involved in documentary film production, serves as an academic mentor for graduate students, and continues to provide spiritual guidance and life coaching through his online counseling practice. He has worked and traveled widely throughout the world (including extended treks in Tibet, Nepal, and New Zealand), and performed his doctoral fieldwork in cultural and religious settings in Western Europe and the Tibetan Buddhist enclave of Ladakh in the Himalayan region of Kashmir, India. He presently spends his time between his home state of California and East Asia.   

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